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Session 6E. Teachers' Training, Conceptions and Beliefs

Session Organizer(s)

Lisbeth Cordani (Brazil)

Session Abstract

Nowadays, to be literate means to be able to read and to interpret data in an organised way as well as to give signification to that set of data, in order to produce information, which is a component for the knowledge growth. Statistics and probability are suitable and necessary tools in this context, for they help to keep information gathered from data (collected by an experiment or by an observational study), which improves to take decisions in the presence of uncertainty.

Teaching and learning are practices that occur daily at school, and they should be based on active processes. These processes are the result of several interaction levels, such as the one between teacher and student, student and student, student and society, etc. They cannot fail to take into consideration the changes produced by the new society, because these changes have affected the relationship between teachers and students.

More than ever are teachers expected to have a high level of professionalism, and they must be prepared to recognise that the learning process is not teacher centred, but instead it deals with an environment of production and exchange of meanings.

Sometimes teaching fails not because of cognitive reasons but due to emotional ones. To recognise that might help improve the teacher's performance. He (or she) must detect when that situation occurs in a classroom, as for example, mathphobic being transformed in statiscsphobic, even before the student learns about statistics!

We need guidelines for training a qualified teacher successfully and we are aware of the difficulties to define and implement this task. Although everybody knows that subject knowledge is important for teaching quality, it is not enough. Improvement on pedagogical insights should be encouraged.

This session provides the opportunity to share experiences and to present and discuss all kinds of research on statistics teacher's training (concluded or not), at all levels of teaching.


Presentation 6E1 Probability and Statistics in Elementary School: a Research of Teachers' Training
Celi Aparecida Espasandin Lopes (Brazil)
Anna Regina Lanner de Moura (Brazil)
Presentation 6E2 Teacher's Beliefs about Usefulness of Simulation with Educational Software Fathom in order to Develop Concepts of Probability in Statistics Classroom Ernesto Sanchez Sanchez (Mexico)
Presentation 6E3 Teacher's Training in a Statistics Teaching Experimentation Linda Gattuso (Canada)
Maria A. Pannone (Italy)
Presentation 6E4 Investigating the 'Data Sense' of Preservice Teachers Tim Burgess (New Zealand)

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