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Session 6F. Research into Teaching and Learning Statistics at Tertiary Levels

Session Organizer(s)

Flavia Jolliffe (UK)

Session Abstract

This session focuses on research in statistics education at the tertiary level. It is envisaged that the presentations will describe research in progress on such topics as, for example, different learning methods used by students, different teaching methods, and student understanding of statistical concepts. The emphasis is expected to be on the methodology of the research studies, on theoretical models behind the research topics, and on models arising from the results.


Presentation 6F1 Modelling Students' Learning of Introductory Statistics Dirk Tempelaar (the Netherlands)
Presentation 6F2 Choosing to Study Independently - When is it a Bad Idea? Glenda Francis (Australia)
Presentation 6F3 Results from a Clinical Trial in an Introductory Statistics Course:
Evaluating the Effect of Multimedia Presentations on Student Learning and Attitudes
Sterling Hilton (USA)
Presentation 6F4 Investigating Patterns of Interview Conversations among Lecturers in the Malaysian Institute of Higher Learning on the Teaching of Statistics at the Introductory Level Zamalia Mahmud (Malaysia)
Rosli Abdul Rahim (Malaysia)

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