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Session 6H. Round Table Discussion: Major Problems and Directions in Statistics Education Research

Session Organizer(s)

Joan Garfield (USA)
Carmen Batanero (Spain)
Session Chair  
Lisbeth Cordani (Brazil)
Maria-Gabriella Ottaviani (Italy)

Session Abstract

Research in statistics education is currently being done in the areas of psychology, mathematics education, education psychology, and statistics. This panel will compare the different perspectives, research questions, theoretical frameworks and methodologies arising from research traditions in these different disciplines.

The aim is to reach an agreement on what a good graduate training should be across the disciplines to better prepare doctoral students who will do research in statistics education.


Presentation 6H1 Training Future Researchers in Statistics Education: Reflections from the Spanish Experience
Carmen Batanero (Spain)
Presentation 6H2 Reflections from an American Experience Mike Shaughnessy (USA)

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