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Session 7A. Java-Based Instructional Packages

Session Organizer(s)

Doug Stirling (New Zealand)

Session Abstract

Session 7A: Java-based Instructional Packages Session Abstract Over the last couple of decades, computers have become an essential part of most introductory statistics courses. More recently, the Internet has been embraced by many courses. The Internet can be used for delivery of static documents such as study notes, but most successful applications involve interaction with other students (email lists and discussion groups), interaction with the instructor (email and assignment delivery) and direct interaction with the accessed material itself (running programs and using hypertext links).

The technology to support fully interactive content has only recently become available in web browsers -- hypertext links only provide a limited form of interaction. Recent web browsers all support the programming language Java which allows platform-independent programs to be included in web pages. These Java programs (applets) can be embedded seamlessly in web pages in the same way as static diagrams so students need hardly be aware of their presence. However unlimited functionality can be added to web pages through Java applets.

Most Java programs that are currently used in statistical education can be classified into...

* Interactive diagrams and simulations that are intended to teach specific statistical concepts
* Calculators that are designed to advise on appropriate statistical analyses and to perform them

This session will give examples of Java content in web pages.


Presentation 7A1 Java Applets and Multimedia Catalogues for Statistics Education Hans-Joachim Mittag (Germany)
Presentation 7A2 Applets for Experimenting with Statistical Concepts
Paul Darius (Belgium)
Presentation 7A3 Interactive Content in Web Pages Teaching Statistics Doug Stirling (New Zealand)

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