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Session 7B. Computer-Based Demonstrations of Statistical Phenomena

Session Organizer(s)

Andrej Blejec (Slovenia)

Session Abstract

Many students have difficulties to understand some essential statistical concepts and phenomena. Difficult statistical concepts and methods can be illustrated by computerized demonstrations, with extensive use of (dynamic) computer graphics for visual presentation.

Presentations in this session will address specific approaches for demonstration of statistical phenomena for their better and easier understanding, such as

        use of simulated environments and data with known statistical properties,

        visual presentation of statistical concepts and methods,

        innovative use of new teaching or existing statistical software for such demonstrations,

        discussion of specific needs for use of computer-based demonstrations in teaching.



Presentation 7B1 Spreadsheets as Statistical Toolboxes: As Self Contained Programs and as Host Applications Erich Neuwirth (Austria)
Presentation 7B2 Using Dynamic Graphics for Teaching Statistical Concepts Mervyn G Marasinghe (USA)
Presentation 7B3 Teaching Statistical Concepts with Simulated Data Andrej Blejec (Slovenia)
Presentation 7B4 Hands-on Survey Research in a Virtual Environment Peter Theuns (Belgium)

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