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Session 7E. Statistics Education and the Internet

Session Organizer(s)

Joe Wisenbaker (USA)

Session Abstract

Developments in technology have had profound consequences on both the way that instruction takes place and on our expectations for what it is that students will learn. Indeed, there is widespread use of statistical techniques such as the jackknife and the bootstrap that could not exist without modern computers. While the medium may not always be the message, it is indubitably the case that instruction in statistics has been and continues to be affected by the pervasive presence of the Internet. Just as the invention of the printing press has been seen as a pivotal event in fostering the distribution of knowledge, so too does the Internet fundamentally change the economy of information distribution. Furthermore, its immediacy permits the ready use of examples in statistical instruction that have great power in capturing the attention and imagination of our students. Finally, its interactive features portend what may be an even greater revolution in the construction of knowledge in our field blurring the traditional roles of the instructor and the student.

This session will feature presentations which explore a variety of ways in which the Internet is altering what takes place in the guise of education in our field. They will vary in scale from the use of statistics 'news groups' as facilitators of learning to the consideration of full blown systems which students can use in place of traditional texts and, perhaps, even instructors. Some of the applications which will be discussed may even include features which may not even yet exist as this program is being organized.


Presentation 7E1 St@tNet, an Internet Based Software for Teaching Introductory Statistics Gilbert Saporta (France)
Presentation 7E2 News - groups and Teaching Statistics. Are they useful? Jenny Pange (Greece)
Presentation 7E3 A Personal Journey toward a Virtual Introductory Statistics Course: Not (Quite) Ready for Prime Time Joe Wisenbaker (USA)

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