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Session 7F. Research-Based Design and Use of Software for Teaching Statistical Concepts

Session Organizer(s)

Cliff Konold (USA)
William (Bill) Finzer (USA)

Session Abstract

Much research has been done on students' conceptions of probabilistic and statistical ideas. Many software tools have been developed for the teaching of statistics. Presentations in this session will combine these two strands of work to look at the ways in which research on student learning can profitably interact with software design and curriculum development.

Questions to consider include:

* What do we learn from observing students about how software can facilitate learning?
* How does software support of learning statistics differ from other forms of support?
* How has research on learning influenced the design of statistical software for students and what insights does the process of software design bring to learning research and curriculum development?
* In what ways can the development of classroom activities for teaching statistics further both research and software design?

Grade levels considered in these presentations will go from grade 6 through university.


Presentation 7F1 A Series of Statistical Minitools and a Construction Tool: Routes through the Landscape of Learning Data Analysis
Arthur Bakker (The Netherlands)
Presentation 7F2 Technology, Statistics, and Subtleties of Measurement: Bridging the Gap between Science and Mathematics
Tim Erickson (USA)
Presentation 7F3 Designing Statistical Software: Lessons from StatPlay Sue Finch (Australia)
Presentation 7F4 Is Research-based Development of a Commercial Statistics Learning Environment Possible? - The Fathom Experience Bill Finzer (USA)
Presentation 7F5 Challenges in Designing Data Analysis Software for Young Students Cliff Konold (USA)
Presentation 7F6 Interactive Visualizations of Statistical Relationships: What do We Gain? Andee Rubin (USA)

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