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Session 8A. Learning Factors in Statistics Education

Session Organizer(s)

Robert delMas (USA)

Session Abstract

Papers will present research on how aspects of the learner, the environment, or instruction affect the learning of statistical knowledge and concepts. Some examples are research into noncognitive factors such as attitudes and beliefs, learning styles, classroom or home environments, and students' prior understanding.


Presentation 8A1 The Issue of Motivation and Expectation in the Introductory Statistics - Obstacles and Opportunities Carl Lee (USA)
Maria Meletiou (Cyprus)
Howard K. Wachtel (USA)
Aklilu Zeleke (USA)
Presentation 8A2 Using Short Stories to Teach Statistics Livia M. D'Andrea (USA)
Charley Waters (USA)
Presentation 8A3 To be announced  
Presentation 8A4 Examining the Interplay Between Constructivism and Different Learning Styles Jacqueline B. Miller (USA)
Presentation 8A5 Influence of Attitude towards Statistics, English Language Ability and Mathematical Ability in the Subject Quantitative Techniques Verena Nolan (South Africa)

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