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Session 8E. Projects and Poster Competitions in Statistics Education

Session Organizer(s)

Jerry Moreno (USA)

Session Abstract

This session focuses on the extent to which the use of student projects in the classroom enhances their understanding of statistics through the use of real data. Projects force students to become involved in how data are to be collected, processed, displayed and analyzed as well as how to report their findings, both orally and in written form. Papers in this session aim to relate where and when projects are used, examples of successes or failures in using projects, guidelines for successful implementation of projects and points to keep in mind to avoid failures, and how projects are assessed.

Another part of this session concerns poster and project competitions that are held locally or nationally. Of interest are the purpose of the competitions and how, if at all, they relate to the curriculum, how to organize such a competition, rules and regulations concerning the posters and the participants (at all levels, school, university, open), prize structure, and how successful the competitions have been. Examples of past winners would be of interest. It is hoped that at some point international competitions may be held.


Presentation 8E1 The Benefits of Fitting the Statistical Poster Competition into the Curriculum Linda Quinn (USA)
Presentation 8E2 Final-year Business Students Experiences of Data Analysis in Projects Loi Soh Loi (Singapore)
Presentation 8E3 Data Analysis Talent Award: A Giant Leap! Saleha Habibullah (Pakistan)
Presentation 8E4 Pedagogic Issues Required for Successful Statistical Project Competitions to be Implemented Susan Starkings (UK)

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