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Topic 10. Contributed Papers

Topic Convenor

Susan Starkings (UK)

Key Dates
Refereed Contributed Paper
Oct. 1, 2001: Contributed speakers are encouraged to submit a draft version to Susan Starkings for suggestions and comments.
Nov. 1, 2001: Contributed speakers desiring their papers to be refereed to submit final version to Susan Starkings. Along with their manuscript, they must submit the form: "Author's Checklist for Refereed Papers".

Non-refereed Contributed Paper
Dec. 1, 2001: One-page abstracts for Contributed Papers to be submitted to Susan Starkings.
Jan. 1, 2002: Contributed paper authors desiring their papers NOT to be refereed to submit their final manuscript to Susan Starkings.

Submission Form
When submitting your proposal use the ICOTS-6 Submission Form.

Contributed Sessions structure

Each Contributed speaker gets 20 min: 15 min to present and 5 min for questions and discussion.

4 Contributed papers session - 90 min

5 Contributed papers session - 120 min

Contributed Paper Sessions

Session 10A    
Session 10B    
Session 10C    

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