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Topic 11. Posters

Topic Convenor

Andrew I. Dale (South Africa)

Posters Guidelines
Individuals wishing to display posters need to complete the appropriate presentation form in the second announcement and must submit their abstracts (no more than 150 words long) by June 1, 2002 to Andrew I. Dale (

All posters will be displayed throughout the conference period and should be manned by one of the authors at set periods to be designated in the conference final programme.

Poster materials should not be mailed to Andrew I. Dale but brought to the conference venue (preferably on Sunday, 07/07/02).

Call for Posters

List of Posters

Poster 11-1 An Evaluation of the Level of Statistical Literacy among Business Students in Nigerian Polytechnics:
A Case Study
Joseph S. Oke (Nigeria)
Poster 11-2 Analysis of Variance with the TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator Piotr J. Bialas (USA)
Poster 11-3 Conducting Web-based Statistics Tutorials Danelle Kotze (South Africa)
Frans Cilliers (South Africa)
C. P. Kotze (South Africa)
Poster 11-4 Internet Student Assessments in Statistics Teaching and Learning Danelle Kotze (South Africa)
Frans Cilliers (South Africa)
C. P. Kotze (South Africa)
Poster 11-5 Web Capturing of Statistics Student Results T. J. v.W. Kotze (South Africa)
Danelle Kotze (South Africa)
Poster 11-6 Teaching Statistics in Secondary and High Schools in Lesotho Makhala B. Khoeli (Lesotho)
Poster 11-7 Attitudes Towards Statistics: A Study with Undergraduate Students Claudia Borim da Silva (Brazil)
Marcia Regina Ferreira de Brito (Brazil)
Poster 11-8 Peer-Assessment of Data Handling (Grade 5) Helena Muller (South Africa)
Poster 11-9 Integrating Statistical Concepts in Primary and Secondary Education in Austria Peter Hackl (Austria)
Marcus Hudec (Austria)
Poster 11-10 Teaching Outliers in Statistical Data Fernando Rosado (Portugal)
Poster 11-11 A Proposal for a Teaching Methodology of Statistics Pinho, Marcos Antonio Santos (Brazil)
Poster 11-12 Statistical Minitools In a Learning Trajectory Arthur Bakker (The Netherlands)
Poster 11-13 On Web-Based Teaching in Large First-Year Classes of Introductory Statistics at University Level Raija Leppala (Finland)
Poster 11-14 Sampling Study to Determine Parasite Disease B. Shabankhani (Iran)
H. Ziaei (Iran)
Poster 11-15 The Challenge of Teaching Statistics at a Distance Education Institution in Southern Africa: UNISA M Botha (South Africa)
H Labuschagne (South Africa)
A Bekker (South Africa)
Poster 11-16 On Forecasting Exchange Rate : A Time Series Analysis M. A. Alsaleh (Kuwait)
Poster 11-17C Cellphone Survey (Children's Poster) Alia Khan (South Africa) (14 years)
Rowan Lussi (South Africa) (15 years)
Poster 11-18C Is It to Take Away? (Children's Poster) Mayuri S. Rajdev (South Africa) (14 years)
Poster 11-19C Analysis of X-ray Examinations over the Easter Weekend (Children's Poster) Sereesh Moodley (South Africa) (14 years)
Poster 11-20C Sport in Our School (Children's Poster) Josh Gedye (South Africa) (11 years)
Warwick Masson (South Africa) (11 years)
Poster 11-21 Using Sensory Evaluation To Teach Statistics Steve Connor (New Zealand)
Poster 11-22C Graphical Representation And Interpretation As A Result Of Data Gathering And Manipulation (Children's Poster) Grade 4R (South Africa) (10 year old)
Poster 11-23 Resources for Teaching Structural Equation Modeling Wai-Yin Poon (Hong Kong)
Poster 11-24 On the Uses of Error S. E. Piper (South Africa)
Poster 11-25 The International Research Forums on Statistical Reasoning, Thinking, and Literacy (SRTL) Dani Ben-Zvi (Israel)

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