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Topic 2. Statistics Education at the School Level

Topic Convenor(s)

Jane Watson (Australia)

Topic Abstract
Statistics is a significant component of the school curriculum. It is a truly interdisciplinary topic, since it has applications to virtually all other subjects in the school curriculum. Furthermore, statistics is introduced from virtually the start of primary school with topics such as pictographs being introduced in the first year of formal schooling. At the other end relatively sophisticated statistical analyses can be taught in the later part of secondary school. This topic will focus on a variety of issues associated with school level statistics, including innovative teaching strategies, research, assessment and sociocultural issues. Colleagues attending Topic 2 sessions will have an opportunity to discuss the latest thinking regarding statistics at the school level.


Session 2A Innovative Ideas for Teaching Statistics in Elementary School Dave Pratt (UK)
Session 2B Innovative Ideas for Teaching Statistics in Secondary School Gail Burrill (USA)
Session 2C Research on Teaching Statistics at the School Level Pat Thompson (USA)
Session 2D Innovative Statistics Curriculum Development and Research Projects at the School Level Dani Ben-Zvi (Israel)
Session 2E Sociocultural Aspects of the Learning of Statistics at the School Level Paul Cobb (USA)
Session 2F Local Teachers Sessions Vishnu Naidoo (South Africa)
Jackie Scheiber (South Africa)

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