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Topic 3. Statistics Education at the Post Secondary Level

Topic Convenor(s)

Gilberte Schuyten (Belgium)
Allan J. Rossman (USA)

Topic Abstract
Statistics is a crucial part of the education of students in many disciplines and is used by an ever increasingly number of people in the workplace. Statistics is studied maybe by more students at post secondary level than any other subject is. A wide variety of statistical contents and student audiences is covered at this level. The aim of this topic at ICOTS-6 is to provide a representative sample of ways statistical contents and skills can be taught taking into account different backgrounds of students. Sessions will be categorized by type of course, student audience, pedagogical approach, and statistical topic. Some sessions will be devoted to teaching service courses and others to teaching future statisticians. Some will be devoted to teaching future teachers and others to future health care professionals. A session will be devoted to teaching with cases and projects, and another will address the teaching of statistics to those who will enter a statistical consultancy job. Sessions specific to teaching topics such as nonparametric methods and Bayesian statistics will also be held.

The goal is to engage statistics educators - as well those affiliated in statistics departments as in other departments- in a discussion concerning the statistics curriculum and the teaching techniques.


Session 3A Statistics as a Service Subject in First Level Courses Beth Chance (USA)
Session 3B Statistics as a Service Subject in Second Level Courses: Teaching Regression Models Joachim Engel (Germany)
Session 3C Statistics for Future Statisticians Ann Cannon (USA)
Session 3D Statistics and Research Designs: An Integrated Approach Glenys Bishop (Australia)
Session 3E Statistics Learning with Cases/Projects Roxy Peck (USA)
Session 3F Bayesian Statistics Dalene Stangl (USA)
Session 3G Nonparametric Methods Noel Veraverbeke (Belgium)
Session 3H Teaching Consultancy Skills to Statisticians Gabriella M. Belli (USA)
Session 3I Statistics for Future Teachers Graham Jones (USA)
Zakayo Msokwa (Tanzania)
Session 3J Statistics for Future Health Care Professionals Tom Short (USA)
Session 3K Sampling for Surveys Alan Welsh (Australia)
Session 3L Multivariate Statistics John Harraway (NZ)
Session 3M Hypothesis Testing Alan McLean (Australia)
Session 3N Teaching Categorical Data Analysis Michael Campbell (U.K.)
Session 3O Statistics for the Actuarial Syllabus Jacky Galpin (South Africa)

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