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Topic 6. Research in Statistics Education

Topic Convenor(s)

Carmen Batanero (Spain)
Joan Garfield (USA)

Topic Abstract
Research in statistics education is a priority area for IASE, since a well-developed research literature and research agenda are essential for promoting the field of statistics education. In this particular ICOTS meeting we will pay particular attention to the development of statistics education research, examining current research problems, directions for future areas of inquiry, and the use of theoretical models on which our research might be based. In addition to including sessions on teaching and learning statistics and probability we also plan to focus sessions on research related to assessing student outcomes, the role of technology in learning statistics as well as in conducting research on student learning, and on the conceptions and beliefs of statistics teachers.


Session 6A Developing Statistics Education Research Mike Shaughnessy (USA)
Session 6B Theoretical Models of Statistical Knowledge, Thinking, Reasoning and Learning Maxine Pfannkuch (NZ)
Chris Wild (NZ)
Session 6C Technology and Research in Teaching and Learning Statistics Erica Morris (UK)
Session 6D Studies of Assessment in Statistics Education Susanne Lajoie (Canada)
Session 6E Teachers' Training, Conceptions and Beliefs Lisbeth Cordani (Brazil)
Session 6F Research into Teaching and Learning Statistics at Tertiary Levels Flavia Jolliffe (UK)
Session 6G Research into Teaching and Learning Probability Antonio Estepa (Spain)
Session 6H Round Table Discussion: Major Problems and Directions in Statistics Education Research Joan Garfield (USA)
Carmen Batanero (Spain)

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