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Topic 7. Technology in Statistics Education

Topic Convenor(s)

Laurence Weldon (Canada)

Topic Abstract
This topic explores the way in which teaching and learning of statistics has changed as a result of modern technologies. In particular, animations based on Internet browsers which operate an many platforms has brought some unity to a field that has been quite disorganized. Moreover, the ease of distributing these animations to students for their interactive use has added interest and effectiveness to online education. Some products that were originally designed for distance education are now being used in the classroom - the effort needed to prepare these is great but widespread use makes them feasible. The sessions of this topic will focus on these Internet technologies but will include other computer-based technologies as well.


Session 7A Java-Based Instructional Packages Doug Stirling (New Zealand)
Session 7B Computer-Based Demonstrations of Statistical Phenomena Andrej Blejec (Slovenia)
Session 7C Using Technology for Statistics Education in Engineering David Bacon (Canada)
Session 7D Using Graphics Calculators in Statistics Education Kay Lipson (Australia)
Session 7E Statistics Education and the Internet Joe Wisenbaker (USA)
Session 7F Research-Based Design and Use of Software for Teaching Statistical Concepts Cliff Konold (USA)
Bill Finzer (USA)
Session 7G Software Tools Designed for Statistics Education Rodney Carr (Australia)

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