Census at School: A Pre-ICOTS-6 Workshop

Sunday, July 7th, 2002, 09h30 - 16h30

Chair: Jacky Galpin, South Africa, SASA (South African Statistical Association), jacky@galpin.co.za.

Preliminary announcement

Census at School has been held in several countries, notably in the UK, as a fore-runner to their main census. A pilot Census at School was held at a sample of South African schools during May 2000, and preliminary results were released in September 2001, as part of the publicity for the main SA census, and for the main census at school. The results of the main census at school will be made available to schools both in paper and electronic form, for use in the classroom.

The workshop will start with an international perspective (experiences in the UK and other countries), by Doreen Connor of the RSS, with Maria-Gabriella Ottaviani commenting on the Italian experience. StatsSA (Statistics South Africa) will present some of the results of the SA census, and illustrate how the data may be accessed. Jackie Scheiber of AMESA (the Association of Mathematics Educators of SA) will then present some ideas as to how these data can be used in teaching of the statistics and other components of the new school syllabus. Participants will then explore the use of the data in lessons (as a group activity).

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