Suggestions for Authors

(Adapted from advice provided by Lynn Selby, ICOTS-6 AV Coordinator)

IBM compatible PC's will be provided in the conference rooms. These will have Microsoft  PowerPoint 2000 installed and other software as requested by authors.
There will also be an OHP, PC projector.  (Plus screen and flip chart).

We do not want to prescribe how you should prepare your presentation, but know you will want to present your work in the best way you can. Some suggestions and advice follow.

(a) Size of print
We recommend that you are especially careful with size of print and the combination of colours you use. The minimum advisable font size to be 18, normally larger. This can be tricky when it comes to "Statistical Charts" etc. but keep it in mind. Whether one has a room of 500 or 30 - 50 delegates, rather keep the information to a minimum i.e. use bulleted points and verbally elaborate during the presentation.

(b) Colours
We recommend that the speakers use dark backgrounds i.e. Blue with white or yellow font, as this has been proven that it is relaxing on the eye and legible.
Note: Consideration should also be given to colourblind people, about 8% of men, especially when using colors in figures, graphs etc. It is worth looking at, especially slides 13 and 14.

(c) Templates
We highly recommend that speaker use existing templates and request that all presentations are prepared in PowerPoint 2000 or lower to run on a PC.

(d) Backup copies
Would all the speakers please bring two backup copies of their presentation, on CD preferably, (3,5 disk is also acceptable).

NB: All speakers MUST, MUST register with us at least a day before their presentation.  It helps greatly to have the presentation in advance
so that problems can be fixed.

(e) AV form
All speakers should have returned their AV form to, Lynn Selby, ICOTS-6 Speakers AV Prep Coordinator

Please direct any AV questions to Lynn.

(f) Speakers prep room
The speakers will be able to check their presentations in the speakers prep room, where there will be two desktop computers. They will check
the presentation with the assistance of Lynn and her team.

(g) General
We highly recommend you practice your presentation in a room which takes about 100-150 people with an observer at the rear of the room, to look at the the slides, and preferably to listen to your talk. Invited paper speakers should aim to talk for about 20 minutes, max 25 minutes, for contributed paper speakers it may be less depending on the number of speakers in the session, with some time for left for questions and discussion. Better make sure your main points are covered well, rather than rush through too much.

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