Change of Venue: Conference Moves to Cape Town

19 March, 2002

Dear Friends,

This message is to announce to you that due to circumstances that are out of the control of ICOTS-6 IPC, IASE Executive and the ICOTS 6 local organisers, the ICOTS-6 venue has been moved.

The South African Department of Foreign Affairs has moved the date of the Inaugural meeting of the African Union to the same week as ICOTS, at the Durban International Conference Centre (our planned venue).

The local organisers (LOC) felt that it was unimaginable to have about 6500 extra African delegates in Durban that week, sharing with us the hotels and conference centre, and at the same time, making us feel comfortable. Due to the security arrangements, necessitated by the fact that the African Heads of State would be staying in the same hotels as the ICOTS delegates we should also be restricted in our movements.

The ICOTS local organisers have managed to solve this problem in the best possible way. They have arranged to move the conference to Cape Town, at the Holiday Inn Cape Town, where most delegates will be staying. Jacky Galpin will make sure that all the facilities and hotels will be of the same or even better quality that those we first planned to have in our original venue.

Lynne du Toit of Safari Tours will be in contact with each and every delegate to assist them with amendments to their existing air tickets and tour arrangements. The LOC has arranged that there will not be any extra cost involved FOR DELEGATES REGISTERED AS OF 15 MARCH in changing the air tickets. Pre and post conference tour arrangements will remain the same unless you wish to change to another option.

We apologise for any the inconveniences this may cause. The IASE and the ISI have a long and serious tradition of organising international conferences and nothing similar has happened before. It has also never happened to the conference organisers of the LOC.

As you all know organising an ICOTS conference takes a long time and hard work. We started to plan for this particular ICOTS more than three years ago and more than 50 people are involved in the local and scientific organisation.

Please be assured that we are continuing to work until July with the same enthusiasm to make this particular ICOTS a memorable event for all of you.

Please refer to the important information from the Conference organiser below.

We count on your understanding, collaboration and enthusiasm

Looking forward to meeting you in Cape Town,

Carmen Batanero IASE President,
Faculty of Education, Campus de Cartuja, 18071 Granada (Spain)

Gabriella Ottaviani, ICOTS IPC Chair,
Dip.di Statistica, Probabilita' e Statistiche Applicate Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza", P.le A. Moro, 5 - 00185 Roma (Italy)



19 March 2002

ICOTS-6, 07 - 12 July 2002

We hereby notify all Participants of ICOTS-6 that due to unforeseen circumstances the event will now be held in Cape Town, at the Holiday Inn Cape Town, see Website:,1353,0-64-5,00.html

We have ensured that no additional costs will be incurred to any ICOTS participant that has already registered and ask that you take note as follows:

The dates of the conference remain exactly the same, i.e. July 7 -12, 2002

The scientific programme remains unchanged.

The final South African destination is now Cape Town instead of Durban:

For those who have not yet confirmed their air tickets:
Please change final destination to Cape Town and advise Lynne Du Toit flight details.

For those holding confirmed bookings:
Please discuss change with the airline concerned. Should the airline insist on a charge, please contact Lynne du Toit BEFORE changing your tickets so that she can make the necessary changes on your behalf and ensure that you will not incur any costs.

Please forward your existing flight details to Lynne du Toit [], by no later than 20 April 2002 so that she can approach South African Airways who are aware of the situation and who have agreed to assist on condition that the changes are made via Lynne du Toit.

Lynne will reply to you within 24 hours of receiving your request. Should you wish to speak to her, our office will be open between 0800 and 1700 each day and for those delegates that wish to speak to her at other times she can be contacted on Mobile +27 83 7000 320

We have arranged equivalent accommodation in Cape Town and will re confirm on an individual basis within the next 10 days.
Pre and Post Lynne and her team will contact all passengers that have registered for pre and post tours. The content of the pre and post tours remain exactly the same. Should some of the flight sectors need to change then Lynne will advise you accordingly. Once again, any changes, necessitated by the change of conference venue will not be for your cost so please do not be concerned.

Day Tours
We have redesigned the day tours and trust that you will be just as happy with the new Cape-based tours as you were with the Durban activities. Your new tour options are available For further details click Here.

Communication, to summarise:

All flight and tours
All accommodation
Any other queries

We trust you will understand that the change of venue will in no way negatively affect the ICOTS conference and we hope that this occurrence will in fact afford you an opportunity to spend some time in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

In the words of travel editor, Richard Busch, National Geographic Traveller:

" By any standard, the Cape Town region of South Africa, is one of the most beautiful and
compelling places to visit on the planet. Here, in addition to a city with fascinating historical sites, excellent museums, vibrant markets and a handsomely restored waterfront, I encountered mountain Wilderness, rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, lush gardens, beautiful wine estates, superior hotels and some of the warmest, most welcoming people I have ever met."

We thank you for your co-operation in advance and look forward to your response to our re-confirmation that will follow in due course.

Yours sincerely

Sue Bumpsteed
ICOTS Event manager /Sue Bumpsteed Conferences [Pty] Ltd
Contact Details
Tel : +27 31 3032480
Fax : +27 31 3129441

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